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(404) 254-1606

3867 Roswell Rd, Ste 300 Atlanta, GA 30342

The only personal training gym in Buckhead that helps people lose weight, gain energy and add more life to their years without beating up their body…

Are You Ready?

Are you struggling to get in shape?

Are you sick and tired of how you feel and how your clothes fit?

Our mission using our years of experience and your personal goals, is to build trust with you and create an experience you look forward to, not dread, and give you a transformation you can not only see, but feel.

Have you tried it on your own but had no success?

Are you looking for trusted coaches to hold you accountable and look at not just the hours you’re in the gym, but the entire picture?
We know how hard it is to stay accountable on your own.
Are you intimidated and afraid of the typical gym?
We know that you need to feel safe.
If you said yes to any of those questions, you may be a good fit for the E5FIT team.

Small Group Training

At E5FIT, you will receive the proper level of training for your goals and concerns. You’ll meet with certified trainers in our Small Group format. This personalized setting provides in-depth instruction while focusing on your specific goals. It’s just as good as private personal training at a fraction of the cost, and with the added motivation from your workout partners!

Private Personal Training

We are dedicated to offering advanced private personal training options for men and women who want to move better, feel better, and look better as they age. Our private training is appropriate for any age or ability and those who have never exercised before.

Clients / Testimonials

"I come to a place that cares. It feels like family."

- Evern

"E5FIT gives me accountability, consistency, and makes me feel better emotionally, physically and in every way."

- Sally

"Having the team here at E5FIT to motivate me is vital for anyone who doesn’t make the time to exercise in a more regimented way."

- Sonny

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