Healthy Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

This dish proves meat and cheese aren’t really necessary for delicious, satisfying tacos. Hearty pinto beans provide the base, and the veggies are the real stars: cauliflower, poblano peppers and tomatoes, dusted with chili powder and roasted to sweet, crispy perfection. These are packed with nutrients and fiber, too. Ingredients 1 head cauliflower, cut into […]

3 Myths about Staying Fit as We Mature

Remember the old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” commercial? It’s amazing how that image of a helpless, frail and frightened older woman has persisted. In fact, it reinforces one of the top myths about Baby Boomers, a marketing agency reports. “Consumers 55 and over are actively pursuing a wide range of physical connections,” […]

Healthy Recipe: Turkey Bacon and Spinach Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

Usually made with gobs of cheese, heavy cream, and eggs, quiche is normally a calorie-dense dish. Instead, this recipe (from the American Heart Association) slashes calories and fat with egg whites, fat-free cheese, turkey bacon and skim milk. The crust is made of grated sweet potatoes and is so tasty, you’ll never miss traditional pastry […]

Strength Training Tops Cardio for Heart Health? New Study Says It Does

Conventional wisdom has long held that running is better for heart health than weightlifting. But a new study says that’s not so.  Scientists looked at health records of 4,000 people. They concluded that, while both forms of exercise lower the risk of heart disease, weightlifting has a great effect than running, walking or cycling, according to the British Telegraph. The study […]

7 Foods We Should All Enjoy Regularly

Let’s take a break from recipes and to re-focus on some basic foods that are great for people over 50 to eat regularly. Eating the right foods is essential to good health and being able to exercise. You wouldn’t pour cement into your car’s gas tank and expect it run, right? 1. Water. You might not feel […]

Simple Steps to Being Mindful during a Workout

When working out, is it best to: Talk on the phone, worry about your “to do” list, and hold your breath while exerting yourself? Or Pay attention to your breathing and your body, avoid judgment of yourself and others, and be thankful for what you can do? We hope the answer is obvious. And if […]

How Snowbirds, and the Rest of Us, Can Stay Fit over the Winter

Snowbirds heading south for the winter have a lot to look forward to. The milder weather. The sunshine. Seeing old friends. And we know they will want to keep up their fitness routines – or take the change of scenery as a chance to start some. And everyone staying put for the winter might want […]